Terms of service

  • Terms of Use (hereinafter referred to as "General Clause") is a service that Wilgovere (hereinafter referred to as "our company") is available on this website (hereinafter referred to as "this service"You are the terms of use of).
  • Customers must comply with the terms and conditions to use this service.
Article 1 (Applicable)
  • These terms are applied to any relationship involved in the use of this service with our customers and the Company.
Article 2 (Usage registration)
  • These terms are applied to any relationship involved in the use of this service with our customers and the Company.
  • If it is determined that the applicant for use registration has the following reason, it may not approve the application for use registration, and the reason does not have any disclosure obligation.
  1. When delivering false matters to apply for use registration
  2. In the case of an application from those who have violated this Terms
  3. In addition, when we judged that we are not quite considerable registration
Article 3 (Managing Customer ID and Password)
  • Customers shall manage customer IDs and passwords for this service at your own risk.
  • Customers can not transfer or lend customer IDs and passwords to third parties in any case.When the combination of customer ID and password is logged in with the registration information, the Company considers itself by the customer's own use.
Article 4 (Usage Price and Payment Method)
  • Customers shall be determined separately as a compensation for this service, and the usage fee to be displayed on this website will be paid by the way you specify.
Article 5 (forbidden matters)
  • Customers should not do the following in the use of this service.
  1. Act that violates law or public order and morals
  2. Acts related to criminal acts
  3. Act that destroys or interferes with our server or network functionality
  4. Acts that may interfere with our services
  5. Act to collect or store personal information about other customers
  6. Other Customers Action
  7. Act that benefits directly or indirect against antisocial forces in connection with our services
  8. In addition, the act of judging as inappropriate
Article 6 (Stopping of the Service, etc.)
  • If you decide that you have one of the following reasons, we shall stop or interrupt all or part of the service without prior notice.
  1. When performing maintenance or update of computer system applied to this service
  2. When the service is difficult due to the force majeure such as earthquakes, lightning, fire, blackouts or natural disasters
  3. When a computer or communication line etc. stopped due to an accident
  4. In addition, when we judged that our service is difficult to provide

The Company shall not take any responsibility regardless of the reason for any disadvantages or damage that customers or third parties are covered by stop or interruption of this service.

Article 7 (Usage restriction and registration cancellation)
  • In the following cases, the Company shall limit the use of all or part of the service to customers without prior notice, or to delete registration as a customer.
  1. When violating any of these terms
  2. If it turns out that there is a false fact in the registration item
  3. In addition, if we decide that we are not suitable for use in this service

We do not take any responsibility for the damage caused by our customers by the acts conducted by the Company.

Article 8 (Disclaimer)
  • Our debt failure responsibility shall be disclaimed if it is not due to our intention or overwhelming.
  • The Company is responsible for any reason, but only within the scope of damage that can generally produce and pays for the amount of price (for continuous service for continuous service).I will bear.
  • We are not responsible for trading, communication or dispute, etc., which occur between customers and other customers or third parties.
Article 9 (change of service content, etc.)
  • We can change the contents of this service or cancel the provision of this service without notifying customers, and this will not be responsible for any damage caused by our customers.
Article 10 (Change of Terms of Use)
  • If you determine that they need, we can change this term by any time without notifying you.
Article 11 (notification or communication)
  • Notifications or communications between customers and the Company shall be done by the method of our company.
Article 12 (Prohibition of transfer of rights obligations)
  • Customers can not transfer the user or duty to third parties or to be used for collateral without prior consent of our written prior consent.
Article 13 (Governing Law, Court Jurisdiction)
  • In the interpretation of this Agreement, we will use the Japanese law.
  • If a conflict occurs regarding this service, the court that has jurisdiction over the company's main office is exclusive agreement jurisdiction.
  • above